There's No Room to Grow

by Scrap Kids

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released May 2, 2014

Scrap Kids:
Lawson Bloom - Guitar/Vocals
Keith Haynes - Bass
Jamie Gruzinski (HJ) - Skins

All songs written by Lawson Bloom.

Matt Very - Sax/Backing Vocals (Sax on Track 2, Vocals on Track 2, 6, 7, 10)
Jake Very - Organ/Backing Vocals (Organ on Track 10, Vocals on Track 2, 6, 7, 10)
Jake Colavincenzo - Backing Vocals (Track 2, 6, 7, 10)
Jim Colavincenzo - Backing Vocals (Track 2, 6, 7, 10)
Dave Yarkovsky - Guitar (Track 10)
Tony Tortella - Trumpet (Track 2)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings (Winter 2014 to Spring 2014)
Artwork and Layout by Christy Logue



all rights reserved


Scrap Kids Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Playing the Role
Playing the Role:

I can't really complain
Things usually go my way
But I'd like to take a moment of your time
Cause I've got some things to say
I like to be the one you confide in when everything goes wrong
I like to be the stuck writing the hopeful and optimistic songs

And most of the time
I look forward to what is next
You can say I play the role
Of the optimist
But sometimes
I have low moments
And it causes me to stress
Sometimes you can't help but feel hopeless

All these thoughts have been surfacing
Rising to the top it's got me boiling
The lose of friends and family has been haunting me
It puts you in a state of disbelief
Reminds you that there's no certainty
But eventually
You gotta face reality

There are very few times
Where I am a pessimist
Yet even when my life's a mess
I always try my best
To stick to my role
Even when the times are tough
Keep myself under control
Even when the truth is too much
To handle

We all play a role
I don't care if mine's naive
It's all I've ever known
We all need some positivity
We all play a role
For better or for worse
And we're all going to get hurt
But all I ever wanted was to make our lives a little easier
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Lately I've been feeling so inadequate
Lately I've just felt like complete shit
Nothing is cohesive
I'm left with all these pieces and I can't put them together
And I can't stop reminiscing about how things use to be
Stuck in memories and the present makes no sense to me
I have all of this anxiety
And there is no remedy to all of this uncertainty

I just wanna know if things are gonna be okay
Lately it's been hard to get through each day
Just because life's changing doesn't mean some things can't stay the same
All I want is to be with you
Will it stay this way?

I don't understand why I can't be content
I lay so much on you I feel like all I do is vent
Last year I was unstable
And I felt like I was unable to find good in anything
But since then life has been changing
Taking shape and rearranging
And this metamorphous
Has broken us out of our shell
But only time will tell if any of this was worth it

I just wanna know if things are gonna be okay
Lately it's been hard to get through each day
Just because life's changing doesn't mean some things can't stay the same
All I want is to be with you
Will it stay this way?

And all I want is to be with you
That's all I want
And all I want is to stay with you
That's all I want
It's all I want
Track Name: Now What?
Sitting here thinking of us
Sitting here thinking of what once was
I can't stop looking back
But I gotta stay on track
I wanted those moments to last
Now I'm feeling stuck in the past
We had so much energy
Yet we went down so quietly

Where do we go from here?
I just don't know
But I want to grow

We're so into ourselves
We take ourselves so seriously
What happened to unity?
What happened to you and me?
Did we become jaded?
Cause everything looks so fucking faded
Forever trapped in this maze
I know we've all seen better days

Where do we go from here?
I just don't know
But I want to grow

Where do we go from here?
Track Name: Soul Searching
I could go on and on for days
Battle myself constantly
And never get anywhere
Inspiration runs dry
I lose the will to even try
And I find myself giving up again
Intangible questions fill my head
And I’m stricken with a feeling of dread
And I question my intentions
I’ve got an arsenal of words at my disposal
But I’ve got no sense of direction

All this time searching
For a simple melody
Looking deep in my heart
Trying to find the best in me
Putting my thoughts into words
I just want my voice to be heard
Looking for closure in uncertainty
I'm trying to find tranquility
Soul searching

Altering my state of mind
It doesn’t help me write these songs
But it’s become a pastime
And these past couple weeks have been
Nothing but shitty to me
Using substances as a crutch
Missing the ones I love
And feeling so out of touch
And I just want to make a change
But it’s so sad when you remain
A product of your environment
And I just feel so dependant
On these things that cripple me
I gotta break away
And I gotta break free

Just take me back to where it began
To the very first song
That was itching at me to sing a long
I just need something to remind me
Why I’m here in the first place
Just give me something to believe
Track Name: Resentment
Life's been so stagnant
Yet so much has changed
There's so much resentment
Depression and rage

We have grown so content
With being discontent

Our passion died
So long ago
There is no heart
Left to this home

We have grown so content
With being discontent

Can we work through this?
Can we work though this together?

I hope we'll resolve
Our differences
But either way
Something's gotta give

Are we gonna stay content
With being discontent
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
I've spent the past year
Living in fear
Ever since we lost you
Afraid of losing someone else
Someone else I care about
Then I told myself

Open up you eyes
You are still alive

We're made of skin and bone
One day we will erode
Until then who knows where we'll go
We can't afford to live in fear
We gotta do our best
While we're still here

We gotta take this in fully
Make sure to breathe in slowly

Open up your eyes
You are still alive

The greatest thing that I could ever see
That I could ever be
Was right in front of me
And I can't afford to waste anymore time
You're always treading on a very thin line
I don't want your death to be in vein
There's so much to lose
But there's so much we can gain from this

Let's open up our eyes
We are still alive
Track Name: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happy Meals
I'm trying to find
The good in everything
But nothing is promising
Nothing here is reassuring
Our roots continue to grow
Until the point where we can't escape
We're forever stuck
So much invested for so little gain

What keeps us here?
What keeps us from leaving here?
Is it love or ignorance?
Is it for the big house and the picket fence?
I tried to wrap my brain
Around the logic
But it just drove me insane
What does everyone hope to obtain

From being here
This is all we've ever known
We're staying here
Let our roots continue to grow
We'll die here
This is all that we'll ever know
We'll be buried here
With nothing to show

There's so much arrogance
We think we know every thing
There's so much hesitation
And no one will ever leave

So we'll stay here
This is all we've ever known
We're staying here
Let our roots continue to grow
We'll die here
This is all that we'll ever know
We'll be buried here
With nothing to show
Track Name: Soul Crushing
Things were so different when I was young
The only thing that mattered was having fun
There was no synthetic happiness
Is run through the wilderness
Pretending I was Indiana Jones
Uncovering the unknown

Now to recreate those feelings
I need a helping hand
To recreate those feelings
I need to expand
There's nothing left here for me
Only memories of a boy who once had big dreams
He thought he could change everything

It's taken it's toll on me
There's nothing left here for me
Get out while you can
It's soul crushing

I remember back when we use to play
Our first band our first show
This is all that I've ever known
From community halls to house shows
We watched our friends and family grow
And I found "where I belong"
Right here singing a long

And I found a place to call home
But now I feel alone
Everyone has come and gone
They packed their bags and carried on
From a small town to the city
Of bridges and broken industry
It seemed liked the best thing to do
Leave and start a new

I can't stand the sight
Of what has happened
It just isn't right
I can smell the stench of decay
My home is in disarray
And my friends and family aren't who they use to be

You spend your time searching
All the while things are changing
Life's taking different shapes
And everything's been rearranged
But no matter where you go
Your problems are sure to follow
And I've accepted that
All I want is to adapt
Track Name: High and Dry
I gotta shake this thought
I gotta hake this feeling
I never asked for this
I headed straight into the abyss
This isn't what I wanted

I came home for the night
And the feeling was unsettling
This place has lost all heart
It's been left here in the dark
And I've been trying my best to put it behind me

And at the age of 22
What are you to do
When all your friends start to go their separate ways
And I'm so sleep deprived
I can barely close these eyes
I'm left here high and dry

I saw you at the bar
And it was unexpected
We reminisced with our old friends
And it felt like old times again
Despite the fact that I was out of my element

Then we finally all left
I was heading out the door
And then you looked at me and said
"Don't be a stranger come around again"
And after all this time we finally realized

We realized that we both care
But I can't stay here
I hope you understand when I say I gotta go
But regardless of what happens
We'll be brothers till the end
You'll always be my best friend
Track Name: There's No Room to Grow
Held down by memories
Everyone knows you and your family
They'll swarm like vultures at the slightest move
You'll never win you'll just be consumed
And it's easy to get down in a town
When their intention is to break you

There's no room to grow

There's so much complacency
Holding on to a sense of security
No one takes a chance or even dares to try
When others leave they feel the need to question why
Would you wanna go
Because it's all that they have ever known

This town is so infected
It's past the point of redemption
Falling to lure of the corporate lies
Industry is gone it's been sucked dry and left to die
There's no opportunity
There's nothing left for me

No room to grow

Held down by memories
Everyone knows you and your family
There's so much complacency
And it's hard to break free from the sense of security

There's no room to grow
Track Name: Cliches
I have just been running
Too scared to face my fears
Hanging on to this small town
And the ones I love so dear
But now everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
It's time to say so long
It's time to get a move on
The night's always darkest before dawn

My insecurities always got the best of me
But I managed to survive thanks to my friends and family
I never fit the mold
I always did what I was told
And I was never left in the cold
But I was never one bit courageous
Courageous or bold

Now all I can see
Are cliches crashing down on me
I tried hard to defy these slogans of reality
But it seems to me that humanity is best known for giving in
Giving into all our sins
We're so misguided and dim
How am I different from them?
I'm no different from them

We have to be the best
Have the best
Go out of our way
No pain no gain
We're all insane
We're content with watching others decay
We're hypocritical
We're superficial
And we love to get our own way
This is the fucking game that we play

Have I abandoned god or has he abandoned me?
Why do I put my faith in people if they're destined to fuck me over?
Everything happens for a reason or so they say
I can't continue life with all this uncertainty

One speck of optimism is enough to get me by
So I'll chant and cheer
And point my finger to the sky
For tonight you see you didn't
Get the best of me
I'll go out and pursue my dreams
And I'll make it
I hope I make it some day
Where there's a will there's a way