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released July 6, 2011



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Scrap Kids Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: All That I Can Be
All That I Can Be
And I tell him
One day I’m up, then the next day I’m down
This world keeps on spinning around
But I got to stand up
And I got to stand my ground

I feel so flawed, and I don’t know why
Cause I always fuck up
But at least I try
I can live with that
It’s just enough to get me bye

Sometimes you feel so small in this world
And it’s so overwhelming
I need your help, my friend
To be all that I can be
Motivate me
Please motivate me
Motivate me

Conflict, violence, oppression, and war
Tell me what the hell are we fighting for?
If we bend so far we will surely break
Why do we take the risk if there’s so much at stake?
It’s like getting your fix, and then going back for more
One day you’re up
Then the next day you’re torn
It doesn’t make any sense to me
Am I the only thinking logically?

We got to take responsibility
For our actions and our mistakes
It’s a work in progress
We gotta take it day by day
But most importantly
We must play accordingly
For the day we have our say
And make our dreams a reality

It’s all in a night
I wanna go to bed
I’ve got all these thoughts running in my head
So good night my friend
Good night my friend
I’m guessing tomorrow we’ll meet again
It never ends
Track Name: Piper Cub
Piper Cub
A wise man once told me,
“Son, I gotta say
I can die at any moment
Given time, or day
So I gotta be honest
And I gotta confess
Here’s my input
For you I want the best
I came from nothing, but I worked hard
I built myself up, and that got me far
I built myself up, and made my own success
Despite the others, and despite the rest”

“I lived my whole life in this state
Now I can finally stand straight”

The man really struck me with his words of wisdom
A pivotal moment
And moment to reflect on
This man is my Grandfather
And even though he passed away
He’ll still remain in my heart until my dying day

Stars don’t shine any brighter it’s true
A man so heartfelt
I will always love you
I don’t know if God is real
But I pray we meet again
And fly your Piper Cub
Once again
Track Name: Opening Tabs
Opening Tabs
I find myself spilling my guts
And again
And again
And again
Opening tabs, and picking scabs
Please tell me when will the insanity end?
Wounds aren’t meant to be tamped with
But they're used as a reflection of our selves
Reminding us of our flaws and imperfections
Granting us wisdom, and wealth

You shouldn't have to go through life with just fear
And Distress
You shouldn’t have to dwell
You gotta give your best
You can’t let these things bring you down anymore
You gotta face your fears
You gotta settle the score

I have scars
And I have baggage
The times are changing
Don’t take this as nagging
I want this to reside
I want to present my side
So I’m going to give you my own piece of mind
We’re only human beings
Things are ever changing
We shouldn’t have to dwell
As things are rearranging
All these words might be taken back later
But I’m not God
I’m human
I’m no greater

Our imperfections are what make us who we are
If we pull ourselves together then we can push ourselves far
We shouldn’t be caught up in the "old days"
We should make our path
And go our own way
Track Name: Clichés
I have just been running
Too scared to face my fears
Holding on to this small town
And the ones I love so dear
But now everybody’s gone
So I’m going to say so long
I’ve been here for way too long
It’s time to get a move on
“The night’s always darkest before dawn”

My insecurities always got the best of me
But I managed to survive thanks to my friends and family
I never fit the mold
I always did what I was told
I was never left in the cold
I was never one bit courageous or bold

And now all I can see
Are clichés crashing down on me
I tried hard to defy
These slogans of reality
But it seems to me that humanity
Is best known for giving in
Giving into lust and sin
We’re so misguided and dim
How am I different from them?
I’m no different from them

We have to be the best
Have the best
Go out of our way
“No pain, no gain”
We’re all insane
We’re content with letting others decay
We’re hypocritical
We’re superficial
We love to get our own way
This is the fucking game we play

Have I abandoned God?
Or has he abandoned me?
Why do I put my faith in people?
If their destined to fuck me?
“Everything happens for a reason”
Or so they say
I can’t continue life
With all this uncertainty

One spec of optimism
Is enough to get me by
So I’ll chant and cheer
I’ll drink my beer
I’ll give the finger to the sky
For tonight you will see
You didn’t get the best of me
I’ll go out and pursue my dreams
And I’ll make it
I hope I make it
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”